Sunday, February 5, 2017


So before getting into the product. Let me tell you a bit about my skin. It is Dry, dehydrated and sensitive (like the rest of me) - what a glorious combination, I know. Although this is not the most visually appealing or glamorous product, this is my desert island product. It is what I always go back to when my skin is in a rut and just needs some tender loving care. I have used three different products from Cetaphil.The first is the cream cleanser, much runnier than other cream cleansers I have used in the past, but I think this helps to make it really soothing on my red sensitive cheeks. It has barely any fragrance, which means it doesn't irritate my skin. I use this to remove all my make up and it doesn't sting your eyes. If ever anyone I know is having a skin nightmare I recommend Cetaphil cleanser and they never looked back. Next up is the moisturiser. A light formulation which doesn't leave my skin too greasy. I use this morning and night. It really helps to soothe dry sensitive patches. I love that is in a pump too, so avoiding having to stick my fingers into the pot. Finally is the foaming cleanser; this is a new edition to my collection that I picked up in New York. This one I use with my Clarisonic. It gives a light foam and leaves the skin super clean but not right, which is stand out for me. So if your skin can't take it anymore, please try Cetaphil and bring your regime back to basics. And for those of you that love it, help me spread the love for this skin rescuing product.

The beginning

So I finally did it, I started the blog. This blog is going to be about all things I am passionate about - fashion, make up and skincare. Sharing my thoughts and two cents about what I love. I hope you enjoy being apart of this new adventure. Zoe x